X-ray Inspection System

X5c X-ray Inspection System

Loma System’s new compact X5c is a highly functional, cost effective x-ray system designed for food manufacturers looking to upgrade to superior product inspection technology. It’s also suited to smaller production lines, and is up to 50% shorter in length than the Loma’s X5 X-Ray Inspection System.

The system performs detection of a wide variety of contaminants including ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, glass, ceramic, calcified bone, stone, and dense plastic.

The X5c suits end of line, packaged goods, and an effective automatic product learn wizard eases the switchover of multiple products during operation.

The system can also be combined with Loma’s CW3 checkweigher to provide a combination x-ray and checkweighing system.

Product Description

Key Features:

  • Retail compliant options to suit supermarket QA guidelines.
  • Compact design, space required typically less than a conventional Metal detector (1800mmm including auto-rejection, 1000mm without)
  • Manufactured with Loma’s “Designed to Survive” philosophy
  • Entirely lead-free construction
  • 300 mm wide inspection window with no product blind spots
  • Contaminant detection as well as product integrity including counting and missing items
  • Typical packing rates of 150 packs per minute
  • Product weights up to 6kg
  • Rejection options include air blast, pusher, carriage retract, diverter, sweep arm and signal only for 3rd party rejection systems
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