Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Converter

The function of ultrasonic converter is to convert the input electric power to mechanical power  passed out again, 

and part of them consumes very little power. 


Ultrasonic transducer piezoelectric effect by the generator of electric energy

generated by conversion into the corresponding ultrasonic vibration energy,

the system is stable ultrasonic vibration complete the most critical part of the work.

Selectable frequency range: 20KHz/40KHz

1. Conversion rate, small heat;
2. Special structure to ensure that the oscillation stability of the transducer itself,

    and heat dissipation;
3. Special Testing System test of the semi-acoustic performance;
4. Can be tailor-made for customers holding their own method of transducer to

Ensure the continuity of use:
 The transducer can be used by: the lateral approach may be used or straight cut.


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